Jan 2010

Facebook Saves Young Brit’s Life

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The family of a young British student who fell from a seventh-floor balcony in Mexico have praised the Facebook campaign that has kept their son alive.

Philip Pain, 20, was rushed to hospital on New Years Day suffering from two broken legs, a broken lower back and crushed internal organs. With doctors fearing his rare O-negative blood type would leave them without enough blood to save him, Philip’s family and friends at home in Bexleyheath, Kent, launched a Facebook campaign to call on anyone who shared Philip’s blood-type to donate blood.

The Facebook campaign which now has over 13, 000 members has gathered enough blood to stabilise Philip and doctors believe without it he would not have survived. There is a chance a part of Philip’s foot may have to be amputated, but doctors have almost entirely ruled out any brain damage. While there is still some way to go, Philip’s condition is improving and his family have expressed their gratitude to everyone who has helped out.

Philip’s sister Stephanie Pain told KentOnline: “It’s been really overwhelming. People are tracking his progress who have never met him or any of the family. It’s very encouraging.”

“It has been fantastic that complete strangers are walking into hospital to give up their blood but we need it to continue,” she wrote on Facebook. “Without the blood that has reached Phil so far, he would not be alive as we speak. He is still in an induced coma but fingers crossed he can be weaned out of this next week. This is a dangerous time for him I have been warned so please keep praying.”

Philip’s father Neil Pain posted on Facebook: “I would like to thank all of you personally for the kind words and the proactive action that some of you have been able to offer.”

Join the Facebook campaign here.

If you know someone in the Mazatlan area in Mexico with type-O Negative blood ask them to contact the Sharp Hospital in Mazatlan on 66998656(78-84).

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Jan 2010

Do Androids Dream of Google Phones?

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Rumor has it the estate of the late author, Philip K Dick, has issued a cease and desist to the Google conglomeration over their usage of the term ‘Nexxus’ for their new Google Phone. According to PC World online, Dick’s daughter find there is an obvious connection between the usage of Nexxus and her father’s book ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’. Seeing as the operating system used on the phone is called ‘Android’, one could argue that it’s not a huge leap from one to the other. Being a huge fan of the movie Blade Runner, I often find myself looking for tips of the cap in current movies, products, and books, either to Dick’s book or to the movie Blade Runner. You can easily find nods within the movie Minority Report (based on the 1958 book of the same name by Dick) to the noir style employed by Scott in BR. It’s easy to see the similarities in the fun and colorful Besson movie The Fifth Element, as well. As for products,  the light saber umbrella pictured here was the only product I could find before Google gave me one of these. I find myself tiring ever so quickly of the Google empire, but I did stumble across something fun on mashable this afternoon as I was getting ready to write this post. That’s one Google product I’d be willing to pay money for.

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