Jun 2011

Four reasons why iOS for Macs would be a huge mistake

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So, there’s a rumour floating around that iOS, the operating system for the iPod Touch, the iPad and the iPhone, might be heading towards Apple’s line of laptop and desktop computers. I cannot express how much I dislike the idea of sacrificing a working, incredibly well-designed OS (currently OSX Snow Leopard, soon to be OSX Lion) for what looks like a box of colourful chocolates.

1. I bought a computer, not a phone. I don’t want my computer to run on the same icon-based, simplistic system someone would use to ring people and quickly check their Twitter feed. A computer’s operating system has the room, nay, the screen real-estate to handle large program windows and the Dock. Why change it?

2. iOS is designed for touch-screen hardware. I don’t have one. Why? Because it’s a laptop and I have a keyboard and trackpad. Why force me to upgrade my hardware just to match an undesirable OS?

3. I don’t want an iPhone. Why? Android is more widely accessible, has a more open market, and you can get an Android phone without forking out hundreds of pounds. Mine also has a bigger screen, but I wouldn’t be running Mac OSX on it, and I wouldn’t want Android running on my Macbook Pro, either.

4. It could force people away from new Apple products. An iOS Macbook is not going to appeal to a significant portion of the market, however eagerly we eat up every single announcement Jobs makes. Mac OSX has the space to allow people to change their backgrounds, organise folders on the desktop, use the dock, install widgets, and keep a lot of space clear. Change that to a rigid-looking grid system and it doesn’t flow any more.

In short, iOS might be all hunky-dory for calling people and messing around on your daily commute, but imagine trying to write a report, or design a website, with an OS that doesn’t even yet support more than one app running at a time. Yeah, you go think about that.

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  1. [...] By Christos Reid | Posted in Technology | 0 Comments It would appear that the Apple iPhone 5 is well on-course for a September release date, and it looks very shiny indeed. I own a Macbook Pro, and I absolutely love the thing, but I stop short at iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches simply because I know that they’re a lot more restrictive and overpriced than Apple would have me believe. I’m sure the latter is also the case for my computer, but it’s also got one of the best keyboards in the world and an incredible OSX, so I find those two features help somewhat, although OSX could be out the window soon if Jobs and co. have their way. [...]

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