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Jun 2011

Five reasons I’m not scared of the PSN.

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Okay so the Playstation Network is now back up in full, after the hacking outage. I bought a load of stuff last night – on a debit card. While that sinks in and you start rushing around to find tins of baked beans and see if the shelter needs airing out, I’ll list five reasons why there’s no point in being terrified of the service stealing your soul.

1. It is now probably the most secure network in gaming. Seriously, think about it. They’re never going to take this chance again, and you know that the security systems they’ve put in place are probably of incredibly high quality, so relax a little. Oh no – what about my Xbox details? Argh! I’m kidding, guys, calm down.

2. Most networks are hackable; everything can be hacked. There is no such thing as an infallible network security system. Think of it as a technological arms race, and realise that even now, there are networks that you consider safe that will eventually be hacked. Don’t believe me? How did you feel about the PSN six months ago? Right, exactly.

3. You can wipe your details. I don’t know if they keep backups (possibly, if so that’s a little silly), but I can delete my details off the PSN in under thirty seconds. Xbox Live? That’s a good hour of fumbling around, as their site is so badly designed it’s almost impossible to remove card details. So pay, wipe, and chill out.

4. Paranoia is healthy. That’s a paraphrased quote from our IT department, specifically our own security whiz. Without paranoia governing the way in which you use your information on the web, you’re putting yourself at risk. Security was developed out of the worry of being stolen from, so don’t assume fear isn’t healthy and compromises your fond sentiments towards the PSN.

5. You will save money on tinfoil. If you’re going to go on a paranoid crusade and assume every one of your details is going missing somewhere, you’re not going to be able to enjoy the amazing technologically-focused world around you. We have WiFi (not secure), the PSN (not secure), and houses! Again, not secure! But the chances of things like this happening are miniscule. It’s why we were all so shocked in the first place.

That’s it, guys. Enjoy your weekend, and for the love of all that is Sony, please stop trading in your consoles. You’re making Microsoft richer. And that’s coming from an Xbox owner.

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