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Mar 2011

The Jason-Stephanie campaign – update #4.

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So, it’s been another week, and there’s been some good news. Stephanie used her Facebook profile to get the link out to what must’ve been a considerable amount of people in her network, and within 24 hours 100 votes had been granted to their ongoing attempt to win a honeymoon for themselves. This was impressive, but as of today they’re now at 550 votes on the dot, and this places them behind two kinds of people, all of them having taken the first, second and third spots on the leaderboard: the Where’d You Come From, and the Please Stop Winning.

The latter is fairly self-explanatory, but the former is basically someone who plants their video, and gets a boost to a winning position in a short period of time. Hopefully, that’s just an initial rush, but if it keeps going at that pace there’s no telling where it will end. They’ve still got just over half a month to go, so it’s time to start thinking beyond simple promotion and asking favours, and start talking to people who can really make this happen.

The ideal people would be those who write their tweets and Facebook status updates under the enormous weight of thousand followers and friends eagerly awaiting the next TwitPic link or mention of their daily activities. These people are extremely powerful entities in an online capacity, and have more than enough potential to help push Jason and Stephanie’s campaign as far as it needs to go. In terms of the mathematics behind all of this, here’s what I’ve worked out so far:

  • The competition’s been running for about two months, thus far.
  • The top videos are all sitting at around 700 votes, which means they’ve pulled in about 100 votes a week.
  • This means that in two weeks, at 550 votes in total, we have to generate at least 300 votes a week to win.

…Yeah. Not the easiest task, mind you, but one I’m going to have to push for with everything I have that facilitates that pushing. Stephanie’s Facebook votes kept them in the game. Now it’s a case of finding people with the right reach on Twitter and Facebook, even on forums. Not entirely sure who those people are, but I’ll be damned if I don’t find them.

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