Feb 2011

The Jason-Stephanie campaign – update #1.

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Well, last week I spoke about a good friend of mine that’s getting hitched soon, but unfortunately is a little hard-up when it comes to a honeymoon budget. So he entered a competition whereby his video (a short film of his proposal, highly worth a look) is voted on, and ultimately the top three videos are awarded honeymoons on luxurious foreign islands. It sounds wonderful, and seemed like a great way to test my talents at promoting something via social media. Here are the stats for the last week:

- Last Monday, he had 70 votes and around 300 views. He now has 209 votes and 1437 views.

- Last Monday, there were no tweets and no retweets with the hash-tag “jasonandstephanie”. There are now over 30 tweets and around 10 retweets.

It’s looking good so far, and Jason remains firmly in second place, fast gaining on the video in first place that hasn’t had that many new votes in the past week. The video is slowly spreading across the social networks we both have access to, and through Twitter for both MoreDigital and his own account, he continues to tweet while I schedule more to go live via Twufffer. This week, I’d like to see the video in first place get displaced by Jason’s entirely, and work on keeping him in first place throughout February and March.

If you’re curious as to how you can get involved, please contact Jason at @BigManFanelli or leave a comment at the blog and I’ll get in touch with you immediately. The fact that we’ve increased his votes by almost 200%, and his views by almost 500% is staggering, and really does prove that if you’re committed enough to a single idea, then it’s very likely that it will work. So please, vote if you can, or at least watch the video. You can comment with Facebook or with a Liberty Travel commenting account (I use this myself, it allows me to vote and to comment). The next update is Monday the 21st, so until then, enjoy the rest of the MoreDigital blog posts for the week and we’ll keep you updated, or you can follow @more_digital for more news.

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