Apr 2010

The direction of Social Media sites in 2010

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It’s exciting times in the world of social media once again! Advancements seem to be getting bigger and better but, more often than not, leave me begging the question- is there any need?

Now our favourite free music service, Spotify, has launched its newest venture which aims to allow users to connect with new music in new and exciting ways. I don’t know about you but it’s pretty standard when I listen to music, I either like it or I don’t, I’m not desperately seeking new ways to connect to it.

Anyway, one of the new features of Spotify allows you to connect to Facebook while on Spotify. Users of Spotify can share their profiles, which includes track-lists, favourite artists and tracks, with their friends on Facebook now. So not only can you see pictures of your friends, read their latest, and sometimes most intimate status updates, but now you can also know everything about their music tastes. The new feature means you can keep track of your contacts’ music selections, in a social feed. I actually think this is kind of cool but are we over sharing with people? Are there no secrets? When you’re on a first date and someone asks you what music you’re in to, do people just say ‘oh check out my spotify playlist’?

I suppose Spotify has basically just become another social media site. The question is if people will bother setting up a whole new profile on there, as well as the ones they have with Twitter, Facebook, etc etc. Am I being naive in thinking that what they are offering is just a more advanced form of what MySpace was doing years ago? If this is the case, it could take off, MySpace was huge in it’s hey day. Is this the new direction for social media sites for 2010?

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