Feb 2011

One man’s struggle for digital greatness.

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It is the dawn of the heart-warming story all over again. The internet parades endless streaming videos in front of us of dogs being hit with footballs, high-scoring seven-year-old Guitar Hero players, and of course, people falling down the stairs. Where would we be without the people-falling-down-the-stairs videos? But of course, like all video media, it also allows for the odd story that will touch the heart of even the most die-hard fan of the aforementioned home injury clips.

Jason Fanelli is your typical 21st Century guy. His main source of communication is the internet, his interests include games, films and sports, and he works hard to make something of himself in an era where the smallest blog can make the biggest impact on the world view of millions, if not billions of people, overnight. But rather than constantly use this to promote his games journalism, he took to Twitter with a different idea in mind.

@BigManFanelli: Need your help Twitterverse. Vote so a poor couple can have a honeymoon! http://libertytravel.strutta.com/entry/102120.

When this popped up on my feed, I was happy for him – he’s an old colleague from a games news-and-reviews site that helped give me my start in freelance games journalism, years back. We podcasted together during the dawn of the site’s iTunes-distributed radio show, and I’ve always enjoyed his social commentary. So I clicked.

What I saw was a man touching the heart of his girlfriend of six years, and surprising her to the point where I sat, visibly moved, at my desk at work. I’ll say this much – that doesn’t happen often. I’m a sucker for romance, and then I noticed the main factor of the competition after the video finished – a Facebook voting system. Not having a personal Facebook account, my vote was lost, but to hell with it. I work at MoreDigital, and we live and breathe social media campaigns.

On to email I went, and began to organise a hash-tagged Twitter campaign. I love doing people favours, and the idea of sending this financially-impaired couple on a dream honeymoon sounded too good to miss. If you’re reading this and you’ve watched the video, please vote. As of 4th February, the winning video is at just under 500 votes. There’s only nine videos, and the top three get the holiday package. We can nail five hundred votes. We could nail five thousand.

So over the next two months, until the competition’s end date, I will show you how we’re going to be backing Jason and Stephanie here at MoreDigital, and outside it, too. Hopefully, we will be able to simultaneously demonstrate the raw power of social media campaigns, and send a man and his newly-wed wife off into the sunset. Congratulations on your engagement from all of us here at MoreDigital, and the best of luck. To the keyboards, ladies and gentlemen. To the keyboards.

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4 Responses to “One man’s struggle for digital greatness.”

  1. Jason says:

    I cannot begin to tell you how much this is appreciated. Thank you, MoreDigital and Mr. Reid, for your support.

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