Aug 2010

The ten silliest iPhone Apps around

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With the recent launch of the iphone 4, there has been a new wave of talk about the phones and what they can do. More often than not it comes down to apps. Apps, apps, apps. What with the highly irritating advert that smugly says ‘There’s an app for that’ and your friend who proudly tells you they found their way to the pub using an app, there is no escaping them.
To be honest most of the apps I see, I wonder why do you even need it. After a little research it turns out that there are plenty of ridiculous apps out there. Here is my top ten silly apps:
1. Fatbooth
This is actually one of my personal favourites as it brings hours of entertainment, take your picture and watch as you become instantly supersized. Essentially however it is just laughing at fat people and not very PC.
2. Drunkdialer
For when you have had one too many to drink and you think it might be a good time to call your ex, but it’s never a good time though is it really? Especially when you are drunk. This puts an end to that silly drunk calling. If you can actually type the number it allows you to call, but the numbers keep moving and you have to press ‘call’ before the button moves again. A good idea or just a bit mad?
3. The Wooo Button
The Wooo button does one thing and one thing only – it screams woooo when you press it. I’m not sure when this would ever be needed, other than to annoy people.
4. GottaGo
The app that sends you fake calls and MMS to get you out of those tricky situations. All you have to do is set a timer and it will call or text you, so you can make your excuses and go. Brilliant.
5. Poop The World
As the website says: Finally, a useful application for the iPhone! Track your bowel movements in real-time, keep an eye on things, share with friends, and make it fun! Isn’t this what you have always wanted?
6. SimStapler
This is what the app store says about it: The first true office equipment simulator, SimStapler© brings all of the thrill and excitement of a “real” stapler right to the palm of your hand.
What? I didn’t know people had staple fetishes.
7. Beer Opener
Experience the joy of opening a cold refreshing beer bottle without the inconvenience of actually consuming beer!
Since when has it been an inconvenience drinking beer? Who exactly this is aimed at, I don’t know.
8. Calm Candle
An app of a picture of a candle. That’s it. Anyone who finds a candle relaxing in the first place, probably isn’t the type of person who would buy an iphone app. Silly.
9. iNap@work
The iNap@work makes random common office sounds, so if you are lucky enough to work in a cubicle you can put this on while you have a power nap and everyone around you still thinks you are working! Genius.
10. iKissMe
This is a little bit wrong- a pair of lips for you to kiss.  No one is that desperate, are they?
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