Feb 2011

The Jason-Stephanie campaign – update #2.

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“Eek” would be my word of choice for this week. It’s been quiet compared to the first week, which was an unending barrage of tweets and online PR-fury surrounding the voting process, and for that reason we’re walking a fine line.

The main issue with the competition is the way in which it works. There are three, count ‘em, three prizes to be won. Each is an island honeymoon, and the first-place video gets first dibs, second gets second, and third gets third. All the islands are amazing though – Jamaica, St. Lucia and Antigua. So it’s hardly the worst third-place prize ever, really, is it? Problem is, the videos are beginning to pile in, and the worst possible thing has happened:

Jason’s video has been moved automatically to the second page, while the video in first place, and third place (he’s still in second, by only¬†one vote, now) have stayed on the first.

As you can imagine, Jason and myself have gone to battle stations in order to combat the horrifying realisation that with forty days to go until the competition closes and more and more videos piling in, possibly with thousands of followers on Twitter backing any single one of them, that second place is no longer the comfortable compromise spot we thought it could be. It has reminded me of an important principle about campaigning via social media – you must not stop. Slowing up for even so much as 24 hours can do irreparable damage to the attention the video is getting.

As it stands, we’re now on 255 votes and 1808 views, up from 209 votes and 1437 views a week ago. This isn’t as big an increase as last time, but that’s to be expected. However, there are now more hash-tagged tweets than Twitter can keep up with in its “recent tweets” page, and that’ll cease to be a useful statistic unless we can start tracking it a little better, which is certainly a project I’ll have to look into in the near future as tracking this data may be a lot easier through the use of specific software packages and websites, rather than doing it manually.

The plan for this week? A lot more tweeting via the MD Twitter account and the others we’re using to get the message out there. You don’t need Facebook to register to vote (I should know), so if you read this and the other blogs we’ve done recently, you’ll know it’s worth your time and effort. C’mon, you know you want to help. See you next Monday, #jasonandstephanie-wise.

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