Feb 2010

Social Media Statistics, Communication and Unintended Commentary

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I don’t like to get to stat heavy unless I can tie those statistics to something interesting or useful, but the latest released statistics from Mashable on internet usage and social media was pretty mind blowing and the video was well done and good to watch. What I would like to know is what it all means for communication between humans in the physical world. Interestingly enough, I was watching a commercial on tv this weekend (who watches live tv anymore? This girl.) for an upcoming film release with John Cusack, ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’. I happen to love John Cusack, not for nothing, no matter how many crap movies he makes. The movie takes the four main characters back in time, to 1986, via a…wait for it…hot tub time machine. The reference between technology would obviously run deep (as with Back to the Future), but within the course of a 1.5 minute trailer at least 5 or 6 social media references are made about face to face communication and how ‘exhausting’ it is. Laugh at me if you want but I think it will probably be a fairly interesting commentary (accidentally or on purpose) on communication and social media. I plan on seeing it and wonder what we’ll be looking back on in 10 or 20 years.

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  1. lana22 says:

    If you like John Cusack, make sure to check out the 2012 facebook page :) http://bit.ly/kBzNs

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