Apr 2011

Catching up.

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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and this is primarily due to a lot of very big projects we’re working on here at MoreDigital, much to the benefit of our clients. We tend not to do something by halves, and are extremely, extremely fast when it comes to getting a client what they need, while maintaining high standards in terms of quality and research. If it means pizza delivery to the office front door and a constant hammering of keyboards and yelling into phones coming from my team’s desk, that’s not because we’re tweeting away instead of blogging, just holding down the fort.

While I’ve been away from the MoreDigital CMS, there’s been a lot of stuff floating around the web, none of it particularly important in the wake of what’s going on in Japan. The competition to win Jason a honeymoon didn’t go brilliantly, and the winners I’m sure are celebrating the viral prowess of their own media, but I’ve learnt a lot about what it takes to win big on the web, since then, and from what I’ve heard, he’s hard at work crafting the perfect wedding regardless; a graceful and admirable reaction.

There are a lot of different Twitter and Facebook accounts floating around the office, all of them used by either us, personally, or to just chat to people as a company, and it’s been interesting to watch people’s reactions to our various endeavours (such as the Jason-Stephanie campaign). In the next week there’ll be posts going up regularly again, and I’ll be back to covering a range of topics that centre around social media and technology that can help small businesses become big (or successful) businesses.

That’s the key, really – a great social media presence may help you to double your yearly revenue, but ultimately that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to upgrade, or get a dedicated tweeter. There are countless companies who’ve employed perhaps a couple more people since hitting the big time, but that’s it. If you can still do everything you want to do with the same amount of people, why splurge out on in-house consultants or social media experts?

For every in-house pro, there are a hundred agencies that can do exactly the same thing, minus the cost of a yearly salary, and if you’re working on a project with a window less than twelve months, don’t bother – save yourself the cash, even if it ends up going towards a team-building paintball session, though hopefully your employees don’t find the idea of shooting you more appealing than, say, going for drinks, but you never know.

It’s also spring, as evidenced by the weather getting ever-the-more wonderful as time slowly progresses, and of course the inset of looking forward to the various big media releases and second-quarter gadgets making an appearance, so there’s lots to talk about whether you’re into music, films, games, phones, computers and other bits and bobs. So there’s a lot to look forward to, and I’ll be behind the keyboard for most of it. Welcome back, readers.

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